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As we sit in the comfort of our homes in sprawling cities and look up to the sky, all we can see is a dark sky with a moon. Our lives in the cities, interesting as they are, are starting to get bored because of the repetitive routine created by modern civilization. Mumbai is a metropolis and is no exception to any other city in the world, the hectic life of the city and the chores end up affecting everyone. Does everyone need a break from routine and what better way than to get into the arms of nature and Camping around Mumbai?

Camping near Mumbai, Camping around Mumbai, camping in Matheran, camping in Mahabaleshwar, Camping Near Pune, camping on the beach, if you've already searched for these keywords on Google or any other search engine, you're in the right place. What's on your mind? Are you planning to spend quality time with your kids, catch up with your friends, or escape from the concrete jungle? We offer the best campsites where you can discover less-traveled trails and rejuvenate your mind. Do you want to organize birthday parties with a touch and a surprise? You are in the right place then. On our Camping Near Pune, you can sleep under a clear sky and enjoy a clear view of the stars. Adventure addicts can try abseiling or crossing the valley and paintball in the jungle for all your adrenaline needs.

If you think camping is a challenge, our luxurious tents filled with comfortable beds will make you think. In addition, each tent on our campsite is equipped with mood lighting; they even prevent insects and mosquitoes. Well, for starters, we use imported Coleman tents that are spacious and offer optimal circulation. You can choose between regular tents for three people or large enough to accommodate an entire Indian family. Camping Near Pune in nature should not be unworthy. Our Camping near Mumbai offers specially designed and fully private tents as well as Western toilets with running water.

Camping near Mumbai is the most serene experience if you want to take a break for yourself. Leave the city and head to the hills, lakes, waterfalls or rivers for an unforgettable experience. Although there is no option to camp in Pune, Camping around Mumbai in the hills and valleys of the Western Ghats is an ideal casual getaway with friends or family. Some of your best Camping around Mumbai includes Camping near Pune or camping Bhandardara. All you need is your camping gear and a great company, and you're ready to go!

While the City of Dreams rushes to follow the modern lifestyle, you have to slip to the side and take a break. Camping near Mumbai and Camping Near Pune seems like a fun idea, especially if you know the best retreats.

A radical getaway in Mumbaikar, Kolad is one of the most peaceful Camping Near Pune. The silence of the beautiful countryside is disturbed only by the chirping of colorful birds and the sounds of the Kundalika River. Even on weekends, you will not find many tourists in the surrounding area; this is one of the least known places near Mumbai.

Campground Itinerary near Mumbai

Most packages for Camping Near Pune include an afternoon or evening check-in, a day of relaxation in the heart of nature, a bonfire and a BBQ session before dinner. After that, you will retire for the night in your tents. In the morning you will wake up with a beautiful misty view and clean air. After a hot cup of tea and a hot breakfast, your trip to the Mumbai camps ends. If you wish, you can also combine a camping trip with a short hike.

What to wear to camp in Pune

If you book an operator to arrange Camping around Mumbai or Camping Near Pune, you will not need to carry any equipment. If time permits, bring extra blankets and make sure you have an insect repellent, sunscreen, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and your personal medications.

Best season to camp near Pune

Winter is usually the best time to Camping around Mumbai and Camping Near Pune. The weather is cool during the day and the nights are wonderfully cool. It's a good idea to wear warm clothes and blankets this season when Camping near Pune. However, during the summer and spring months, it can be very enjoyable to camp near a lake or the ocean, especially since you only check in at night. Monsoon Camping around Mumbai is becoming more popular, and people are leaving to enjoy the rainy weather and cloudy skies.