Relax and enjoy at Pawna Lake Camping

Camping is the dream of every outdoor lover. Drive along the Golden Lake, enjoy the water that reflects the sky, camp in the middle of nowhere, and stay in tents at the lake, feel the heat of a campfire, make an appetizing barbecue and sing the night. If you are looking for that pleasure, Trekking Near Pune and Camping in Lonavala are the best options.

Pawna Lake Camping and Camping in Lonavala are such activity of spending your holidays in a tent. Sometimes life in town can be a little too much. You need respite with green spaces, lake water, and clean air to clear your mind. A quick weekend getaway to Camping in Lonavala and Pawna Lake Camping near Pune can do wonders to recharge the battery. And you'd be surprised to discover several excellent pawna campsites located a short drive from Pune, Mumbai.

Pawna Lake Camping near Mumbai and Pune, located about 15 km from Lonavala, is a beautiful place ideal for a dream weekend. Camping Near Pune right by the lake adds to the experience. During the day you can indulge in leisure and outdoor activities, relax and enjoy life at your own pace. At night, gather around the campfire (the indispensable source of heat for most nights) and weave around the delicious warm food served with fun stories. You can also try cooking in the barbecue or simply lie down and admire the stars. All this makes Camping Near Pune and Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala an experience of your life for you and your friends.

Camping Features and Amenities

All campsites of Pawna Lake Camping and Pawna Lake Camping in Lonavala are perfect for families, children, couples, etc. In general, people come here to enjoy their weekends.

Pawna Lake Camping near Pune and Pawna Lake Camping around Pune with an overnight stay in a shelter such as a tent is the most amazing experience. Trekking Near Pune and Camping around Mumbai can be enjoyed throughout the four seasons.

Advantages of camping:

Pawna Lake Camping around Pune involves an increase in exercise. Camping naturally means that you are going to exercise more and that one of the health problems we face today is that it is too sedentary. Setting up the tent, transporting your gear, picking wood, fishing, hiking and swimming are all considered exercise - even though most of the time you will have so much fun do not even realize the exercise!

There are different types of Pawna Lake Camping near Mumbai. Recreational Camping around Mumbai is for people who want all the comforts of home, primitive camping for those who love close contact with nature and wild camping for the more adventurous. You can find a wide range of camping facilities across India in each of these categories. Recreational Trekking Near Pune is available at Pawna Lake.

Most of these facilities of Pawna Lake Camping around Pune include clean Western toilets, mineral water to drink, tents with a blanket, foam mat, pillow, sheet, music system (trolley speaker). You can pitch your tent in such an establishment and it would be nice, cheaper.

Pawna Camps offers many upscale recreational campgrounds near Pune and Mumbai. All our facilities of Camping in Lonavala are generally very beautiful, very clean and well equipped.

Camping in Lonavala offers you the opportunity to experience camping at Pawna Lake! You can learn to pitch your own tent, cook a barbecue, create a campfire, interact with everyone while you play interesting games, lose yourself in the infinity of stars, share your story Scary horror and sing all night long and many memorable activities your campsite.

Near the popular hill station of Lonavala, Pawna is an extremely huge and adorable lake. At Camping in Lonavala and Camping in Lonavala, One can go for trek early morning to one of these mighty forts to catch the first ray of sun from the top! The reflections of huge Tung fort can be easily seen from our campsite – it makes a precise focal point for people who love nature. Nearby Pawna Lake Camping near Mumbai, a playground has there for adventurous activities including soft archery, dart game, football, and cricket and hula hoop.

Other facilities

You will get to spend overnight in a tent beside the lake. Inside the tent at Pawna Lake Camping around Lonavala, you will get foam mattress, bed-sheet, pillow and one blanket per person. We offer the safe, secure and well-maintained tents for Pawna Lake Camping around Lonavala to ensure that our clients are absolutely free while they enjoy their experience, and don’t keep worrying about the safety part. Besides Pawna Lake Camping near Pune, we offer barbeque facilities for you to enjoy the warmth of sumptuous delicacies amidst the chilling Pawna lake weather. Our package for Pawna Lake Camping also includes campfire, music, and dining facilities, and all these things at an absolutely amazing package!