For fun and enjoyment discover Picnic Spot near Mumbai

Poona is the way the city was known before receiving its current name of Pune. The city is the heart of Maharashtra, with being the second largest city in the state. This urban city has also boasted the nickname Oxford of the East because of the many educational institutions that are part of the city and its large student population. However, the city does not believe in any work or play, as evidenced by the abundance of Picnic Spot Near Mumbai.

Pune is a simple but beautiful place that has been blessed with impressive footbridges and surrounding mountain resorts. It is a perfect place for travelers because of its ideal location between the Western Ghats to the south and the Sahyadri Range to the north. Since the Western Ghats offers many picnic spots, this is one of Picnic Spot near Mumbai to enjoy a picnic on historic forts, clean beaches and lush waterfalls.

The second city of Maharashtra, Pune, has developed on the Deccan Plateau and on the bank of the Mutha River. At present, the city is a huge computer and industrial center, but the historical footprints of Maratha, Bhosale and Peshwa abound during their reign which attracts the attention of tourists. If you want to spend a good weekend, you have to travel a few hours to reach a fascinating and picturesque Picnic Spot Near Mumbai. You can spend a relaxing moment with your family and friends in nature, in quiet and rejuvenating tourist centers, far from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.

If you're not ready for a short drive to discover the beauty of the city, many parks and zoos will satisfy your day. Pawna Lake is one of the best Picnic Spot near Mumbai. You can enjoy Water activities and evening snacks, especially online chats, here at the Picnic Spot near Pune.

For a Picnic Spot near Pune and Picnic Spot near Mumbai, Pawna Lake is one of the best places to enjoy. This extraordinary Picnic Spot Near Mumbai offers picturesque location and amazing enjoyment. It is Good news for water sports enthusiasts. You’ll get all the facilities you need for an adventurous kayak, motorboat, banana, jet ski, etc. Cyclists can also find the place interesting because of the winding roads near the dam. This exceptional Picnic Spot around Lonavala attracts visitors from all walks of life to discover natural beauty.

Only a few hours’ drive from Mumbai, you can get Picnic Spot around Mumbai and Picnic Spot around Lonavala.

Pawna Camps provide best Picnic Spot around Mumbai. So, if you are a resident of the city or stay in any hotel in Pune and seek to escape, move away from your picnic basket and go!

Visit these Picnic Spot Near Mumbai and Picnic Spot around Mumbai to catch your breath in this fast-paced world. These places, ideal for day trips, will allow you to be a bit more creative in your weekend projects and free you from your predictable projects, such as going to the mall, lunch appointments or go shopping. Whether relaxing by a lake or exploring unexplored forests, you have plenty of Picnic Spot around Mumbai and Picnic Spot around Lonavala for day trips near Pune. Find tranquility at Pawna Lake and enjoy your weekend gateway to Mumbai.