Enjoy a night under stars Tent Stay near Mumbai

To get away from home and find the true nature, winter is the season of holidays. What is nature? Nature is nothing but a combination of water, air, sky, Agni (fire), trees and mud ( mati ). You will get energized, refreshed When you see anything from these six.

Weekend Tent Stay near Mumbai brings you such a refreshed camp with tent stay, campfire and unlimited dinner.

Among the most visited tourist destination and the activity-filled locations in India, Pune is one of them and is quite interested in introducing the best camping places near Pune to those who are looking forward to having a relishing Tent Stay near Mumbai with the family on a weekend or short getaway trip near Pune.

The beautiful, unexplored Pawna Lake campsite is one of the ideal locations for an amazing tent Stay in Mumbai for both locals of Pune and Mumbai. Not so crowded by tourists, this tent Stay in Mumbai is for the people who love to spend lone time. To enjoy nature at its best It is a tailor-made destination. Tent Stay in Mumbai and tent Stay around Lonavala at this lakeside campsite has its own perks.

Just a dip or a dive into the waters here can refresh and rejuvenate you in no time; Camping Around Mumbai and tent Stay in Lonavala are perfect for a relaxing break amidst nature! During the day, you can swim, relax and enjoy the surroundings and at night get set to light up the spark in you and party hard alongside the bonfire lit up at the campsite. All of these make Camping Around Mumbai, an experience of a lifetime!

Activities you will enjoy

Spend overnight at a perfectly arranged and comfortable camping with your family, friends or colleagues with Tent Stay near Mumbai and tent Stay in Lonavala. Close to nature enjoy the joy of bonding in a unique and exciting way through camping. Right next to a river stream the campsite is located, making the experience even more amazing.

This Camping Around Mumbai is an ideal place for loads of fun along with entertainment like never before. By spending time around the campfire you can just relax and gaze at the night sky or you can be a part of a few of the nature sharing activities at tent Stay around Mumbai.

Wide open spaces of tent Stay near Pune and tent Stay in Lonavala, ideal for a noisy game of football or a relaxed barbeque. Outside the fence, nature’s gift in the form of waterfalls, rivers and green hills, a lot of things are there to be explored. Evening times are mostly for old movies –in the gazebo hook up the projector to watch a movie with fireflies, or gaze at the stars as you lie in the machan. Life rarely gets any simpler or sweeter than this with tent Stay near Pune and tent Stay around Lonavala.

You can also bring along your favorite games and play them at the tent Stay near Pune, located at a mere 65km from Pune. All the necessities are taken care of at the tent Stay near Lonavala along with food. Along with campfire and barbecue have fun in this amazing camping and spread the joy with your near and dear ones.

Join in on the adventure wagon as you trek to the highest fort of Pune, Torna Fort, right after your arrival at the tent Stay near Pune. Occupied mostly by dense forests, through a rugged terrain you will be trekking.

Along with the lush greenery around, enjoy scintillating views of the hills and water bodies Once you reached at the top.

Following this will be an equally magical experience of a campfire back at the tent Stay in Pune and tent Stay near Lonavala. At a perfectly arranged tent Stay around Lonavala Spend an eventful night.

Right after breakfast you will be enjoying the adventure of rappelling When you wake up the next morning. Checking out after this, you will be bringing the experience to an end at tent Stay in Pune and tent Stay near Lonavala.

Camping at Lonavala

Lonavala is one of the famous tourist spots and tent Stay in Pune and is also the most beautiful one around it. It is best explored in the rains and the mystic atmosphere of this beautiful hill station near Pune will leave you spellbound with its beauty. The lush green valleys, hilltops and bewitching terrains of this place hypnotise the visitors in no time.

This tent Stay in Lonavala is best known for trekking and cycling and alongside that, you can also engage yourself in activities like hiking, zorbing and quad biking. Among youngsters, the destination is also extremely famous as it is a place that has both tranquillity and adventure.